2 Bluegrace champs - Tux and Jed

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One of our key co-owners and close friend, Robyn Cross, who has played a key role in the development in the breed in Australia, has recently been diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain tumour. To assist with her progress, pwd people from around the world have gotten together to give her a morale boost as she journeys through the process of treatment and recovery. We hope you enjoy watching this montage below.

Please keep in mind, that unlike the "doodle" cross breeds, the Portuguese Water Dog, is non-shedding. For lots more information about non-shedding dogs, feel free to email us or call. Please don't think the cute poodle cross breed you can pick up from the pet store will not shed. There is a 95+% chance they will shed. We have been contacted by several people who have bought labradoodles, only to find out once the puppy was home that they had paid a fortune for a supposedly non shedding dog, and simply gotten another shedding dog! Don't let this happen to you.

Latest health news

Watch out for preservatives in pre-packaged raw foods. They can cause allergic reactions. Best to get your supplies direct from your butcher if you can.

Will aged 9 with 6 week old pups
This is Will and the pinto puppies. Picture taken August 2006.

Harry at 9 wks The absolutely gorgeous Tux and Jed at the beach

Suggested Reading

Portuguese Water Dogs



Please note - we regularly ship internationally to great homes

The Portuguese Water Dog is: intelligent, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, and medium sized working dog

.... just like a life partner should be.

Our dogs are involved in conformation showing, obedience, agility, school visits, endurance tests, herding, and flyball, and make wonderful companions to homes that can meet their exercise and discipline needs.

Yes we have puppies due - these pups will be ready to go in January 2015. Please note, because of superior behavioural outcomes, we now only let our puppies go at 12 weeks of age. Those extra 4 weeks at home particularly developing appropriate behaviours make all the difference. Call us on 03 5433 6259 or 0412 113 824 for more information.

We invite you to visit our home, just north of Melbourne, where you can see our comprehensive program for our water dogs, and meet the puppies that we currently have available for the right homes. Please note, the Portuguese Water Dog needs a home where there are exercise opportunities both morning and night, where an adult in the household is responsible for the dog, and where the adult can attend dog training for at least the first year of the pup's life.

We have developed extensive literature, training material, and advice with an excellent support network to help you grow your pup into a wonderful adult dog. Time and dedication is needed to help create the best water dog for your situation.

Yes we have puppies available, but we want people to take their time in making a decision to ensure that not only is this the right breed for them, but also, critically, that I am the right breeder for them.

In fact, we want you to think really, really carefully, and if you have kids, please read this document and this latest one here about kids and responsibility.

Click here to see our last pups. Please make a reservation if you feel the fit is right. We are happy to work this through with you. If you are not sure you want a dog, do not send us any money. Wait until the time is right. Always.

The price of our companion pups will be $2200 - and do not leave us until 12 weeks of age, and includes their 2nd vaccination. (which includes the unrefundable deposit of $200) - for those dogs placed within Australia, and $2400 (for normal export protocols) for those leaving later for export, and come with Dogs Victoria registration papers. Please note: there is a airport drop off fee of $80 - when shared with another pup ($150 if by themselves), unless you would prefer Jetpets to pick up directly from us (we can arrange a quote for this if required.)

Please also be aware of our strict conditions of sale that we will email to you if you proceed.

All pups are microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, and vet checked at least twice prior to leaving. For your convenience, all our pups are neutered prior to leaving us, unless specifically agreed otherwise. We may have some quality show dogs available to approved homes. POA. All transport costs are at the buyer's expense. We use Jetpets to move our pups - locally and internationally - otherless specifically requested otherwise. They have a long track record of providing us wih excellent quality service and professionalism.

Jane Anderson Bluegrace | Create Your Badge

Click here to find out how to ensure a puppy from us

Please note: whilst we think our dogs are great, they are not suitable for everyone. Puppy homes need to be able to provide great places and forever homes for pups.

A "forever" home means that you want the pup long term. It means you are prepared to put the work into the pup. If you only want a pup for the first few months, and then intend to dump it as someone else's problem, then do not contact us for a pup. We'd suggest you don't contact anyone for a pup. Unfortunately, it appears, that those people with a higher disposable income are spending less time thinking about what they really want, and are more interested in a short term fashion accessory.

If you're not a doggy person, this does not make you a bad person, at all. Not everyone loves dogs. But getting a dog to evaluate if you are a doggy person, is not an experiment we want you to enter into with us. Only serious dog lovers need apply for one of our pups. Luckily, there are many of those people around!

This is such an important message, so let me repeat it: do not contact me for a pup unless you are going to:

  • train the pup the right way - you need to put in time every single day (5-10 mins a day is usually plenty!)
  • feed the pup the right diet - there are no exceptions to this
  • provide a long term home for the pup, and have all members of the household agreeing to the long term care of a dog
  • provide a loving home with appropriate parameters
  • follow our requirements and guidelines (which really are not all that hard)
We have a new rule in place now that if you are dumping your pup because you've got more important things to do in your life, the pup must come back to us, and you must pay the transport, and you must provide us with a $500 re-homing fee. This fee will be larger if you have failed to put any training into the pup and we need to put the pup into rehabilitation. We want you to think carefully about a pup before you buy it. This must be a well thought out process by you and any family members.

Puppy Application Form:

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Bluegrace - as featured on Talk to the Animals

Our dogs were recently featured on the great TV program, "Talk to the Animals". We have puppies due any day now. Click here to see our gorgeous puppy pics.

We currently have some older dogs available - the best selection we have ever had. All show quality, and available to approved show homes, or as fantastic pets. Most would make excellent agility and flyball dogs. Click here for more information, or call us on 0412 113 824.

Nigella and a Group 3 in the US.

Hana at 10 months

Hannah in Hawaii.

Who are we?

My name is Jane Anderson. I am a licenced specialist Portuguese Water Dog Judge, and a Group 6 (aka: Utility breeds)judge. I am currently completing my licence for Group 7, and halfway through my licence for Group 5. Next year I will start Group 1.

Welcome to our website.

The Portuguese Water Dog is an ancient breed, bred for the purposes of working alongside Portuguese fishing folk to help herd fish into nets, take messages between boats, and protect the boat from unwelcome visitors (animal and person!).

At Bluegrace Portuguese Water Dogs, we are busy working within Australia to help build the breed. In addition, we work with people internationally exchanging good dogs to help establish and improve the breed in those countries.

Our recent trip to Portugal to look at the breed in the Algarve, the home of the Portuguese Water Dog, was a fantastic trip. This picture below is of the ancient city of Albufeira, a key fishing village in the development of the pwd.

Albufeira - an honour to visit

I will shortly be working on a new page for this visit, that will be found by clicking here.

We actively encourage international discussion to encourage breeding better dogs because we know a group effort is required to advance the future of this breed and to protect its heritage.

We mentor new people to the breed working to ensure they have good quality dogs, as well as endeavouring to provide an excellent quality of "companion" dogs.

Harry at 9 wks

The Ice Man playing at 10 weeks. Ice now lives in Hawaii with our friend Peter!

Harry at 9 wks

Cute as a button, this is Harry Potter at 10 weeks.

Tux Best of Breed Melbourne Royal, with Will

This is William, aged 7, with Ch Bluegrace Black Tie, who won Best of Breed at the 2004 Melbourne Royal Show, under a Portuguese judge. As any breeder will tell you, we prefer to do all our winning under specialist judges, which has been the case so far for Bluegrace.

Will and Sophie

This is Will aged 10 with Sophie. Sophie has now gone to live in her new home in Tasmania. Just click on the pictures to enlarge.

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Funky Stuff!

Our gorgeous Champion bitch, Bluegrace Bottoms Up, known as "Fancy"

(and for more photos of a wet Fancy, click here.)

wet dogs! wet dogs! wet dogs! wet dogs!

    Click here to email us.

    Books we recommend

    Our belief is that every dog should be a well behaved dog (not unlike children!).

    Essential Reading!

    This will fundamentally change the way you look at dogs

    This is Jan's latest book. Be sure to get your hands on it!

    Get this book too!

    Humans need to learn how to treat dogs they way they need to be treated, and stop treating them like furry humans.

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