Our New Calendar!

Wow, our new calendar is now available. This is the thirdyear running that there is now an Australian based Portuguese Water Dog calendar. All dogs featured were bred in Australia! There is no other pwd calendar like this in the world. Just click on the picture above to order, or click here! It's selling like hotcakes! Just come and meet the Bluegrace family.

Ch Bluegrace Entirely Wet

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Tux playing ball

Jumping Jed


Portuguese Water Dogs

Grooming the portuguese water dog is something you can do at home yourself. We recommend the following tools:
  • slicker brush
  • good pair of scissors
  • a steel comb
  • a good pair of clippers
  • grooming table (optional, but recommended)

... Yes, that's all you need.

However, if you'd like the opportunity for someone very experienced to groom your dog, we're more than willing to help. While we love putting dogs into the traditional lion trim, we are happy to groom your dog into a "lamb's clip" if that suits you better.

We are only available for grooming in Melbourne, Australia.

Price guide

Please note: This guide can change depending on the condition of your dog, but this will be discussed with you when we sees your dog.

Comb through:$30+ (depending on matts)
Hydrobath and blow dry only: $50
Hydrobath, blow dry, cut/shave, comb: $70
Mega Groom - hydro, blow, cut/shave, nails: $75

Our emphasis is more towards providing you with the encouragement to groom your own dog. Once your dog is accustomed to the grooming process, it can actually be relaxing and rewarding for both of you.

Please fill out this form to book your dog to be groomed by us

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