Bluegrace - as featured on Talk to the Animals

Our dogs and pups were recently featured on the tv program "Talk to the Animals" where there was a focus on matching puppies with families. For those of you who know us, we are frank about the importance of temperament testing, and ensuring you get the best fit puppy.

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Due to multiple requests for suitable reading material, I've supplied some links here:

... and there is some funky pwd stuff in here too!

Intelligent, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, and medium sized

.... just like a life partner should be.

Our dogs are involved in conformation showing, obedience, agility, school visits, endurance tests, herding, and flyball, and make wonderful companions.

Are you interested in a top quality Portuguese Water Dog?

.... Well read here to find out more!

Puppies - available May 2014

We have puppies due in October 2014. These pups will be ready to go in January 2015 where they will be 12 weeks of age. Our puppies are $2200, which includes 3 x vaccination, including the 12 week C5, desexing, microchipping, extensive health guarantee, and life time breeder support.

Visits to see our dogs are highly recommended. We need you to experience where possible first hand, that these are a working dog, not just a fluff ball. We have selected days available each month available for such (week day appointments are also possible). When you visit, you will get to see the dogs in action, learn about the history of the breed, see our latest health test results, see what we feed our dogs, see how they are exercised, and very importantly, see if we're the type of breeder you are looking for. We are based just outside of Melbourne.

Please note, our pups do not leave us until they are 12 weeks of age.

In fact, we want you to think really, really carefully, and if you have kids, please read this document .

Our pups are raised inside, and when they are old enough they get a beautiful custom designed facility (see below) specifically for them. Here they learn how the basics of toilet training as well as being particularly safe, and providing excellent stimulation for them.

When the pups get to 7.5 weeks, they start going down to our dam each day. It is important for us that all our pups are exposed to water before they leave us, and that their recall and retrieving skills have started to be developed.

We keep our pups through to 11-12 weeks to ensure the get the best development possible before they come to you. Through this period they spend most of it still with their mother so they can get the best behavioural outcomes prior to go to their forever homes.

We've already started work on teaching these pups to retrieve toys and tennis balls. You need to keep this up, and make sure by the time the pup is 4 months of age, he/she is readily returning the toy each and every time. This way, it is very, very easy to exercise the pup and older dog by taking them down to your local fenced park, and throwing the ball for 20-30 mins each and every day. This is super fun for both you and the dog.

Our pups are best suited to those people who can undertake both morning and afternoon exercise sessions, and who can attend dog training classes with their pup for at least the first year.

We have elected to not be part of the fad purchasing of a Portuguese Water Dog by not having dogs available for purchase for the next 6 months, due to the Obamas acquiring their 2nd dog. We want our owners to have a good lead in time prior to purchase to ensuring that this breed is going to be a life long commitment to them. As part of this process, it is important you realise that if for some reason you cannot keep your Portuguese Water Dog that you go from us, we will charge a re-homing fee, which increases significantly if the dog is dumped. As every pup is microchipped we can and do track them. Sounds tough? Yup we hope so. We have made great commitments and sacrifice to breed fantastic dogs, and we do not want that taken lightly by anyone. And the sorts of owners we want to attract to us, is those that are 110% committed to this dog for its lifetime, and are equally committed to its training. A well trained Portugese Water Dog is an absolute joy to own.

Pups are available for both show, working and pet homes.

Please note: our pups do not leave us until 12 weeks of age. The price for these pups is $2200 which includes papers, extensive health guarantee (based on feeding a raw diet), life time breeder support, desexing, microchipping, worming, 2 or 3 x vaccinations. Depending on export requirements, pups travelling overseas are $200+ more.

After extensive investigation and trials, we have now determined that pups leaving at 12 weeks of age are better adjusted and easier to train, with a decreased risk of behavioural issues (you still need to put in the work though), than those pups leaving at 8 weeks of age.

All pups are:

  • lead trained
  • off lead trained
  • potty trained
  • are retrieving
  • have been exposed to the water
  • are used to being washed and blow dried
  • are learning basic obedience and manners

    All pups come are microchipped, temperament tested, temperament matched, desexed (unless going to a show home), and we provide life time breeder support. This means anytime for the next 15 years, if you have a question about your pups, you just need to give us a call, drop on by, or email us. And we welcome your updates and pics always!

    We offer a guarantee against crippling HD - as long as you stick to our diet requirements. We offer an extensive health guarantee against a range of known illnesses and surprises that may pop out that we can't even think of.

    Please note: to stop people making inappropriate purchases of pups and then dumping their pup/dog, we have now imposed a $500 re-homing fee. This means, barring family tragedy, if for any reason you cannot keep your dog, you will need to send it back to us at your expense with all its paperwork, and pay a $500 re-homing fee. It is our aim that we never have to impose this fee because none of our dogs are ever needed to be re-homed, and we want any home to think clearly about what they want to do. We hope that people that talk with us firmly believe that pups are for life, not a current whim or fad.

    That fee rises to $1000 plus expenses if the pup/dog is dumped at a shelter or a pet store.

    Please fill out the form below or click here to email us. We can be contacted on 0412 113 824 or 03 5433 6259.

  • Health info:

    We require all our pups to be fed a raw diet. Extensive checks have ensured that the best way to maintain a healthy dog is to bypass any commercial food products and feed a raw diet only. Just like with human foods, processed foods are entirely inferior and will lead to a significantly increased risk of a number of health problems.

    All our pups are rated "A" for PRA - which means neither parent carries the gene. Our latest test results from Sept 13 out of an A x B breeding produced 100% clearance of PRA and GM1.

    We have no indication we have any juvenile cardiomyopathy in our lines.

    We have no indication we have improper coats in our lines.

    We offer an extensive health guarantee and long term breeder support.

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    Extra help before you get your pup

    Please check out the links below for books we recommend you get prior to getting your puppy

    Books we recommend

    Essential Reading!

    This will fundamentally change the way you look at dogs

    This is Jan's latest book. Be sure to get your hands on it!

    Get this book too!

    Humans need to learn how to treat dogs they way they need to be treated, and stop treating them like furry humans.

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